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Cheraihotel.com - waynadThe hill district of Wayanad is a quiet place where scenic beauty, wild life and traditional matters are altogether. Wayanad hills are forming a vast land mass for the wild life to move about in its most natural abode. Now the Land is famous for Black Pepper, Coffee, Tea, Cardamom, Vanila and Ginger. Wayanad is called as The Green Paradise of God"s own country.

The natural beauty of Wayanad and its rich natural resources offer several opportunities for adventure tourism. The hills rocks and valley which make the very unique character of Wayanad provide a lot for catering to the ever increasing demand for adventure tourist. The tourist belt spread over five locations, Kalpatta, Sulthan Bathery, Vythiri, Mananthavady and Ambalavayal.

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Air - Nearest airport – Kozhikode airport - 72Km. Cochin International airport (NEDUMBASSERY - 289Kms).
Rail - Nearest railway station is at Kozhikode 75 Km.
Road Wayanad is an entry point to Kerala for many travellers from Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg in Karnataka.Kalpetta (Municipality) 72 Km from Kozhikode, Mananthavady 106 Km from Kozhikode,Sulthan Bathery 97 Km from Kozhikode.NH 212 Highway connecting Calicut to Mysore is only 3kms away

In and around Waynad

Kelpatta Surrounded by rolling hills and plantations,the district's capital ,Kalpetta is a quiet market town provides ample amenities and excellent walking country. The facilities like hotels, bars, restaurants and shops, making it a convenient base to visit this place. The main attractive points are ;

Cheraihotel.com - wynadChembra peak : The scenic beauty of Wayanad which is visible from the top of Chembra is very challenging and thrilling.Trekking to the Chembra peak is one of the risky tourist endeavours and is the highest peak in Wayanad at 2100m. above mean sea level. It is 14 kms. west of Kalpetta. Trekking to the top of this peak takes almost a day. Tourists can also stay one or two days at the top of the peak in temporary camps. The blue eyed water in the lake at the top of the hill never dries up even in the peak of summer. All along the steep and slippery way to the top of the hill, the whispering of the flowing spring which sprouts from the top of the hill accompanies the tourist. If he is fortunate enough, on his way he may come across a passing wild beast, may be a leopard who may instantly hide behind the bushes. Camping in the night with camp fire and sleeping bags at the top of the peak in shivering cold is everlasting experience

Meenmutty Water Fall: Meenmutty is the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad.Water falls to a depth of more than 500m and is 37 kms from Kalpetta . An interesting 2 km jungle trek off the main Ooty road. A unique feature is that water drops about 300 metres over three stages.

Neelimala View Point: Neelimala is an excellent venue for trekking with lots of stimulating trails. The summit of this hill affords a great view of the cascading Meenmutty falls and the beautiful valley in its foreground.It is 27 Km from Kalpetta

Cheraihotel.com - Sentinal 
                    Rock Waterfalls waynadSentinal Rock Waterfalls: 22 kms south of Kalpetta near Chooralmala locally known as Soochippara and is a very popular leisure destination. This is a three step waterfall more than 200 mts in height with a fantastic scenary provides for white water rafting, swimming, bathing etc. The three top huts at Soochippara will give unique view of the valleys of Western Ghats. Framed by enchanting scenery. A must to see site! This region is ideal for rock climbing. Soochipara can be reached by a scenic 2 kms. nature walk and deer and other wildlife can be seen near the waterfront.

Kanthanpara waterfalls: 22 kms south east of Kalpetta , a beautiful waterfall about 30 mts in height. Relatively smaller than Sentinel Rock falls, and rather less frequented Kanthanpara and its surroundings offer a very pleasant site. A easy hike away from the main road, its perfect for picnics.

Banasura sagar project: This is the largest earth dam in India, and the second largest in Asia is being built here. Its about 21 kms north east of Kalpetta. Situated at Padinjarathara. The Banasura project precincts are an ideal starting point for treks to the Banasura Peak. A quaint feature is a series of islands that were formed when the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas. These Islands with the background of the Banasura hill provide a hypnotizing sight to tourists

Varambetta Mosque: 15 kms southeast of Kalpetta, near Padinjarathara: dating back 300 years, the oldest mosque in Wayanad.

Jain Temple at Puliyarmala: 4 kms north of Kalpetta. This old temple is dedicated to Ananthanatha Swami, one of the most revered Jain Saint.

Glass temple, Koottamundu: This temple is located on the slopes of Vellarimala and is dedicated to Parshwanatha Swami of the Jain faith. The mirrors inside the temple wall reflect images of the icons in the temple's sanctum sanctorum.

Sultan Bathery : lies approximately 25 kms. from Kalpetta. Associated with Hyder Ali and Tipu Sulthan, Sulthan's Bathery no longer has a fort. It is worth visiting for the Jain temple, which has some interesting stone carvings. Sulthan Bathery can be seen on a drive from Kalpetta to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga.

Cheraihotel.com - waynadEdakkal caves: The Edakkal Caves are at Ambukutty Mala 12 kms from Sulthan Bathery. It is a pre-historic rock shelter formed naturally out of a strange disposition of three huge boulders making one to rest on the other two with its bottom jutting out in between and serving as the roof. Edakkal literally means a stone in between. 3 caves are located at a height of 1000 mts on Ambukuthi mala. The new stone age pictorial writings on the walls of these natural caves at Edakkal are the evidence of the civilizations that existed in the regions in the pre-historic times. The caves can be accessed only by a 1Km trekking trail from Edakkal. Morning hours are the best time to visit these caves. Entry is permitted only upto 17.00 hrs. An interesting trek up of the Ambukuthi Hill near Ambalavayal town takes you to this fascinating neolithic cave site. Etchings found on the walls of these caves have drawn the serious attention of archeologists and historians worldwide. With at least three distinct sets of petroglyphs, the earliest thought to date back over 3000 years, it is assumed that the Edakkal caves had been inhabited at various stages in history.

Chethalayam Falls: Chethalayam is one of Wayanad's smaller waterfalls. Its surroundings offer a number of vantage points for bird-watching. It is also popular with trekking enthusiasts.
Muniyaras-Excavations at various points around the foot of the Ambukuthi Hill have unearthed a distinctive series of ancient burail vaults commonly called Muniyaras. Remnants of Stone Age tools and pottery found within these cellars are displayed at the Wayanad Heritage Museum.

Cheraihotel.com - wynadMuthanga Wild Life Sanctuary: Muthanga, Rich in bio-diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which has been established with the specific objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region Which is 16 kms. east of Sulthan Bathery. The Wayanad wild life sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the north-east and Muthumalai of TamilNadu on south-east. Wild forests covering an area of 345 sq.kms form the Muthanga wild life sanctuary; the biggest abode of wild animals in Malabar. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general life styles of tribals and others who live in and around the forest.The vegetation is predominantly moist deciduous forest with small stretches of swamps, teak forests, bamboo and tall grass. Amidst such fertile and varied flora, this region hosts several rare herbs and medicinal plants. Elephant, spotted deer, etc. are found in this sanctuary With numerous watering holes Muthanga has a large population of pachyderms, and has been declared a Project Elephant site. Also , bison, cheeta, wild bear, Jungle Cats, Panthers, Civet Cat, Monkeys, Wild dogs, Deers, Spotted Bears, Bisons, Gaurs, Cheetah, Wild Bears, Peacock, Owls, Jungle fowls, Woodpeckers, Babblers, Cukoos etc.. can be seen here. The reserve is also home to a small population of Tigers.Permitting authority: Wildlife Warden, Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary, Sulthan Bathery. Ph: 04936 220454

Vythiri is a beautiful spot, 2600 ft. above mean sea level which can be seen on a drive from Calicut to Kalpetta. .

Pookot lake: It is the natural fresh water lake, brimmed with ever green mountains. 3 km south of Vythiri. The perennial fresh water lake, nestled among wooded hills, is a only one of its kind in Kerala. The thicks bushes and tall trees along the path round the lake gives a calm spiritual atmosphere.

Cheraihotel.com - wynadPakshipathalam: Pakshipathalam in Bramha Giri hills at Thirunelly is a challenging tourist spot. Rare species of birds can be sighted from the watch tower of this bird sanctuary. Pakshipathalam is a formation of large boulders, some as tall as two storeyed buildings. The deep caves found here are home to a wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants. The journey involves an arduous 7 km trek through thick forest commencing at Thirunelly. To reach 'Pakshipathalam', 17 kms. have to be covered through wild forest. The deep rock caves formed among the thick blocks of rocks at the northern top end of the Brahmagiri.

Cheraihotel.com - waynadTholpetty wildlife Sanctuary: Situated along the northern ridge of Wayanad Tholpetty is much similar to Muthanga in terms of flora and fauna. The best season to visit both the sanctuaries is between November and May. The Wildlife Sanctuary,Tholpetty, near Mananthavady is contiguous with Nagarhole of Karnataka state. The park houses diverse species of plant and animal life.

Kuruva Dweep: The Kuruva Island is 950 acres of evergreen forest surrounded by east flowing river, Kabani an ideal picnic spot, far away from the disturbances of city life. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are sovereigns of this supernatural kingdom. Occasionally, wild mammals can be observed by the riverside.

Pazhassi Tomb: Pazhassi Tourist Resort at Mananthavady is a good picnic centre in north Wayanad, It is 32 kms north east of Kalpetta. Pazhassi Raja, a scion of the Kottayam Royal family was one of the earliest to strike the banner of revolt against British overlordship in this part of India. He remained successful for a remarkably long period until finally the English brought in heavy reinforcements from Madras and Bombay.The memorial of Veera Pazhassi Raja known as the Lion of Kerala- who organised guerilla warfare against British East India company is situated at Mananthavady. The Pulpally cave near by is where the Pazhassi took refuge until he was captured by the British. He was downed in a ferocious encounter that took place at Mavilanthode in the last days of 1805. Pazhassi's tomb marks the point where he was cremated. Pazhassi museum is located nearby where a sword, which is believed to be of Pazhassi's era is kept. There is a good aquarium and coin-operated toys for children and boating facilities for tourists are available here.

Thirunelly temple: It is known as Kasi of the South. It is believed, that a dip in the river Papanasini, running crystal clear down hill, wipes one off all sins 32 kms north east of Mananthavady and 66 kms from Kalpetta. Nestled amidst mountains and forests, this ancient riverside temple is a fine specimen of classical Kerala temple architecture. The temple is surrounded by Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga. Legend is that this temple was dedicated by the Creator, Lord Brahma to propitiate the Preserver, Lord Vishnu. The crystal clear water of the Papanashini river running downhill add to the enchantment of the place. This temple draws pilgrims from allover, primarily for ancestral rites. A short walk from Thirunelli temple is the clear mountain spring known as Papanasini. A ritual dip here is believed to wash one away of all worldly sins. Pakshipathalam, an interesting trekking centre, is about 10 kms away from here.


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